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Statistically Speaking
Sat Feb 06 2010, 10:02AM
In the 2009 calendar year the site received the following traffic:

26,931 Individual People visited the site, up 3,300 from 2008!

21.44% of those people had never visited the site before.

There were 122,410 unique visiting sessions, up 20,000!

The average visit to the site lasted 9 minutes and 5 seconds, up 90 seconds from 2008!

1,274,891 Pages were viewed, up 300,000!

63% used Internet Explorer, 28% used Firefox.

91% used Windows, 5% used Mac.

At least 80% of the visitors are on a high speed connection, 3% were confirmed on dial-up and 17% couldn't be determined.

The forum generates 80% of the sites traffic.

At the moment of this post, we have 2,316 registered users, the forum has 9,534 individual threads and a total of 81,523 unique posts!

Many thanks to all the great members that make this happen!
Here is looking towards a great 2010!

Thu Jan 28 2010, 06:10AM
Did you know there are t-shirts available?!?!

There are 2 different designs at the moment, and more to come!

Actually it isn't just T-shirts, the art can be added to shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts and more, there is also art work for use on light and dark clothing, including black It is even possible to customize the back with your nickname or whatever!
Check them out!
2010 Calendars are ready to go!!!
Tue Dec 08 2009, 07:19AM

The new 2010 Artwork is finally done and uploaded!!

View the art work in the forum

Then head over to Zazzle and grab one, or ten! Don't forget the proceeds go towards the costs of keeping the site online!

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