C-Body DryDock
A Little C Tech Love in Mopar Action
Tue Jun 16 2009, 12:16AM

The Oct 2009 issue of Mopar Action (published in June) has a tidy article on wrangling in that worn out old suspension, with a little twist. It is aimed at 74 and up C-Bodies. Decent article, covers items that several members have already done to their cars, with dramatic results. Yours truly included. Despite what some might think, C-Bodies aren't supposed to float!
More C's in Print!
Sat Apr 11 2009, 03:56PM
I happened to notice a sweet 68 Fury gracing the cover of Cars & Parts Magazine at the parts store just recently. Nice write up on Fury\'s in General. Don\'t think I have seen this Fury around the board before. Also an interesting side bar on Fury Sales verses the size - Generally the bigger they got, the more they sold. Finally, there was a blurb about Steele showing New Vent Wing Seals for 65-67 C\'s and 67 Imps at SEMA. Cars & Parts is an Amos publication, which also publishes Mopar Enthusiast.
2009 Wallpaper
Tue Mar 03 2009, 02:00AM
The 2009 Calendar Artwork is now available as computer wallpaper.

Don't forget that submissions for the 2010 calendar(s) is already taking place.
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