C-Body DryDock
Calendar Update
Wed Dec 02 2009, 03:29PM
Work on the new calendar art for 2010 is well under way, but still probably a week out... Dang Life!

However, that doesn't mean there should be despair! I am using a new provider this year, which offers several advantages over CafePress. Zazzle will be handling the production this year. Their prices are a couple bucks higher- however they offer 3 sizes, which use the same perspective. So I only have to create 1 high rez version, were I had to create 2 versions for CafePress. Also, Zazzle accepts PayPal as well as Credit Cards, for extra flexibility. I can now offer multiple versions of the same product from the same store for free. CafePress charged extra for this and it wasn't practical since the calendars are seasonal. Finally, I know many people will appreciate that the numbers on the calendar are MUCH BIGGER! Zazzle offers multiple layouts for numbers, as opposed to CafePress's single option.

Now the best part! Zazzle has a 44% off sale on Calendars till Dec. 10th!!
The last 3 years calendar designs are available immediately for purchase. I can't guarantee the new art will be done by the 10th, so if you want to save some money and didn't get one of the previous years calendars, or want to get a gift for someone that hasn't seen one of the previous designs, NOW IS THE TIME!!

Use PROMO CODE: CALENDARS998 when checking out.
7x11 on sale for $ 11.87
11x17 on sale for $ 13.12
14x22 on sale for $ 16.26

The C-Body Zazzle store is at: www.zazzle.com/cbodydrydock
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