C-Body DryDock
Trouble with site
Fri Dec 18 2015, 05:47AM
A couple members are reporting sporadic issues connecting to the site. So far we have been unable to pin point the reason. It could be the site, or it could a variety of things between the user and the site.

If you encounter a problem accessing the site, specially if it has to do with a 403 error, please email "help at cbodydrydock dot com". Please include the browser you are using, and the IP address of the device you are using. The easiest way to find the IP address is to visit https://www.whatismyip.com/ OR Google "what is my ip address".
Site tweaks
Thu Oct 22 2015, 03:16PM
Just a notice that I will be making some changes to the routing of the domain name in the next few days. It should be transparent, but you never know. The change will run traffic through a CDN, which could potentially provide some performance increases, specially for our folks outside of North America. As always, if you see something weird, let me know.

30% off Calendars through Dec 21st!
Wed Dec 17 2014, 01:23PM
Just got an alert that Lulu has put calendars on sale for 30% off for the next few days! That brings the price down to $13.26, which is HALF of what Zazzle was charging before!

Use coupon code NEWYEAR (all caps) at checkout.
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