C-Body DryDock
Another Year, Another Move
Tue May 06 2014, 03:28AM
There has been an increase in outages the last couple months, most just a few minutes, until last weekend. So time to move. As such the site has moved again to what should be a much more stable host. As always, PM me if anything seems goofy.

-Scott / NFURY8
Sun Apr 13 2014, 09:14PM
Just a reminder that if you spot a spam related thread, the best way to deal with it is to use the "Report" link at the top of every post. This will notify me directly and I allow me to take action.
Breach Info
Wed Jun 19 2013, 06:08PM
Well that sucked!

On June 18th, around 3am EST, the provider of the sites virtual server was breached. The attackers were able to access the SolusVM management software used to manage the VMs. They did not access any of the individual VMs, although many were deleted, including this one.

Luckily the site is backed up off-site nightly, unfortunately the VM was deleted 30 minutes before the back up would have run. So the last 24hrs of posts were lost.

Since there is no evidence of this site being breached, I haven't reset users passwords. BUT IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do change your password and make it a regular part of your online life.

There liable to be a few 'aftershocks' from this mess, but all should be pretty stable. If you spot anything strange, post it to the Site Related forum.

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