C-Body DryDock
Site tweaks
Thu Oct 22 2015, 03:16PM
Just a notice that I will be making some changes to the routing of the domain name in the next few days. It should be transparent, but you never know. The change will run traffic through a CDN, which could potentially provide some performance increases, specially for our folks outside of North America. As always, if you see something weird, let me know.

30% off Calendars through Dec 21st!
Wed Dec 17 2014, 01:23PM
Just got an alert that Lulu has put calendars on sale for 30% off for the next few days! That brings the price down to $13.26, which is HALF of what Zazzle was charging before!

Use coupon code NEWYEAR (all caps) at checkout.
Calendars for 2015
Mon Dec 15 2014, 09:41PM
I am happy to announce that calendars for 2015 are now available for purchase at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/cbodydrydock. Lulu offers some great options, the first being a better price! Additionally it is also possible to offer versions with Canadian holidays, for our friends up north. There are 5 different versions available.

As always, all proceeds go towards keeping the lights on around here. This year is going to cost considerably more than normal. The site has to finally finish it's migration to new software. I have been messing with it for a while, but it is critical it happens soon. I have almost no faith in the platform going forward, as it appears abandoned and near impossible to improve on. The big cost is going to be in preserving the 9 years of history, and migrate that content to a new database. I have a solution, it is just going to cost several hundred dollars.
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